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Method –

Learn the Material Before Tests or Exams
This may sound too simple. Most Students learn the material after they write the tests or exams. Students who fail a test frequently learn the material after the test in order to do the next section of math or Science. These students now know the material but did not get the marks and may fail the course.


  • A Student fails every test all year. Without doing any studying the student passes the first few tests of SUMMER SCHOOL.IT IS TOO BAD THIS STUDENT DID NOT LEARN THE MATERIAL BEFORE THE TESTS IN THE REGULAR YEAR!!!

    Please Note:

  • The student MUST WORK OR FAIL SUMMER SCHOOL!!!Solution
  • Take a Summer Upgrade. A SUMMER UPGRADE solves past problems and teaches up to 25% to 50% of the NEXT YEARS COURSE. In this way the student takes Summer School BEFORE FAILING and Gets Great Marks in September.
  • During the School Year a Student should initially take an Intensive Tutor Program. This will bring the student up to speed quickly. Intensive Tutoring is 2 – 6 hours in a week. Later the student can be tutored 2 hours in a week and 4 hours in a week if the student has a test.
  • This is how students have had an increase of over 70% after the first test.
  • Some Students need to have a dramatic increase in marks in order to pass the course. The ONLY way to increase marks quickly is with INTENSE TUTORING.Summer Upgrade
  • All Students who get less than 60% should take a summer upgrade. It is better to spend a few hours taking a Summer Upgrade before failing than to spend MOST OF THE next summer in SUMMER SCHOOL.
  • All Students who are entering their last year of High School should take a Summer Upgrade
    Universities accept Students based on their February Marks. Take a Summer Upgrade and learn the first 25% to 50% BEFORE SEPTEMBER. If you have learned the first 25% to 50% BEFORE YOU START TAKING THE COURSE in September You should do VERY well on your February Report Card and get into University. ONLY High Marks get you into University!!!
  • All Students who are entering University should take a Summer Upgrade.